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Brilliance Rose

A hybrid tea of immense beauty and style. Purest white blooms shine like beacons in a continuous and breathtaking display.   Highly perfumed, each flower simply bursts with a pleasurable and intense scent. A robust and healthy performer this rose is equally at home in both pot...

National Pride Rose
National Pride Rose

This classic hybrid tea rose continuously produces an abundance of beautiful creamy blooms with white gold centres.   Each exquisite flower is petal filled and intoxicatingly fragrant carrying a deeply scented spicy rose perfume. Hardy and healthy, this rose is ideal for both garden and pot alike.   Approx ...

The Spirit of Rural Women Rose
The Spirit of
Rural Women Rose

Masses of soft cream blooms adorn this well foliaged hybrid tea rose. Each bloom is petal filled creating a wonderful informal quartered flower, each carrying a light airy scent.   Ideal as a cut bloom. Hardy and healthy this rose looks equally resplendent planted singly or en...

Origami Rose
Origami Rose

The Japanese art of paper folding has held a fascination around the world since the practice of Origami began in the 17th Century.   The Origami™ rose is a living marvel complete with intricate pleats and reverse folds its similarity to a hand crafted flower is remarkable....

Brighter World Rose - Corporate Roses
Brighter World

A full bloomed hybrid tea of pastel pink, cream & golden tones, reminiscent of the famous ‘Peace’ rose. Captivating scent and equally good as a cut flower. Hardy & healthy.   Approx Height: 1.5m     Supporting Kidsafe – a charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood death...

Breathe Easy - Corporate Roses
Breathe Easy
The Margaret Pratt Rose

A hybrid tea producing masses of lovely ruffled light apricot blooms, petal filled and continually in flower. Airy fragrance and a wonderful cut flower. Hardy and healthy. Ideal for garden and pot alike.   Approx Height: 1.5m   The Margaret Pratt ‘Breathe Easy’ Rose - was developed by West...

Little Ray of Sunshine - Corporate Roses
Little Ray of Sunshine

Each bright yellow bloom is an airy, petal filled masterpiece flowering continuously throughout the growing season. Each bloom carries a delightful citrus and rose scent ready to enchant and perfume both garden and home. Ideal as a cut flower, this hardy and healthy rose will...

Climbing Marmalade Skies - Corporate Roses
Climbing Marmalade Skies

This glowing orange climber is an absolute showstopper. Clusters of bright informal blooms festoon the plant, creating an instant, long lasting effect. Low maintenance, and well foliaged this is great planted en masse along a fence, up a pergola post, over an arch – in...

Francis Meilland - Corporate Roses
Francis Meilland
Father of Peace

Named to honour the breeder of the world’s favourite rose – Peace, Francis Meilland is exceptional. Each perfectly formed, high centred, soft shell pink flower is petal filled and exquisitely perfumed with a rich fruit & citrus scent.   Its beauty is matched by its robustness, winning...

Brief Encounter - Corporate Roses
Brief Encounter

This bold and brightly coloured salmon pink rose is petal filled, perfectly formed and constantly produces beautiful blooms that are wonderfully scented, carrying a heady attar-of-roses fragrance. Hardy and healthy, the bush is covered in dark green glossy foliage. Brief Encounter is ideal planted in...