Rose Care - Corporate Roses
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Planting Instructions


  • at least a half day of sun
  • avoid roots of trees/large shrubs
  • avoid rocky soils
  • avoid soils that drain poorly
  • plant 900mm apart for massed effect
  • avoid recently removed rose beds unless soil is changed



  • add well-rotted compost to soil


WATERING – remember to mulch!

  • deep and regular
  • avoid overhead watering if possible, but if unavoidable water early in the morning so that foliage can dry


FEEDING – always water in well!

  • feed in August using a balanced (NPK) fertiliser
  • an optional half-strength feed in December
  • feed in late February


PRUNING – as simple as you make it!

  • remove spent blooms
  • winter prune – use secateurs, shears or brush cutter – simply take one third to a half off height, tidy to your desired shape – can be ‘thinned out’ if needed


Bare root (winter dormant) plants

  • keep roots wet until ready to plant
  • dig hole wider than roots
  • create small mound in hole for roots to sit on
  • plant so that the kink in the stem (graft) is just above the soil (25mm)
  • backfill with soil, adding a slow release fertiliser
  • water in well
  • trim back half of the stem length (see diagram)


Container plants (any time of year)

  • dig hole larger than pot – add slow release fertiliser to base of hole
  • remove plant from pot – avoid excessive disturbance to the rootball but if roots are thick around the base, then lightly tease out the lowest roots only
  • place into hole and gently backfill with soil
  • water in well
Planting diagram