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Premier Meilland Roses for Australian gardens

Corporate Roses has evolved from a wholesale rose grower, to retail mail order nursery and now finally, focused on the trialing, testing and releasing roses from the world famous rose breeding firm – Meilland International to Australian gardeners.


Though not a grower and seller of roses to the public or trade, Corporate Roses has a national network of dedicated rose growers producing a wide range of Meilland new and not so new introductions.

These growers supply and distribute to a range of retail outlets – large hardware chains, independent gardens centres and, in many instances, directly from their own specialist nursery. See our Stockist Page for more information.


From quarantine to the trialing beds, Kim Syrus, Corporate Roses Managing Director, oversees the process of selecting roses suited for Australian gardens.


Meilland International, based in France’s Provence Region, have a hybridizing program dating back to the mid 1800’s.


Over the years, there have been some thousands of truly amazingly Meilland bred rose bushes introduced to the world, including Papa Meilland, Sonia, Gold Bunny and of course their landmark release – Peace.


Corporate Roses is the marketing and administrative vehicle for the Meilland® varieties that display a level of proprietary protection. New varieties are quarantined by Corporate Roses to be trialed and released to a network of rose growers throughout the country.


It is testament to the quality of Meilland® roses that so many special interest and corporate groups have sought out Meilland® roses for use in the promotion of their cause or business.


Corporate Roses have been proud to assist with the achievements of these groups and continue to offer advice, experience and support in this area.

Recent roses include the superbly fragrant ‘The Children’s Rose’ for Children’s Hospitals, the striking ‘Golden Conquest’ for Diabetes Australia, and the beautiful ‘Mother’s Love’ for Nursing Mothers.


There is still plenty to develop, but the foundation for a promising South Australian small business vigorously competing in a national marketplace has well and truly been laid.


Please contact us if you would like details of creating your own “Cause Rose”.